VIDEO:"We help our customers control the material flow and costs"

The trends that represent a challenge especially for the meat industry are on the one hand the availability of raw materials and on the other hand the focus on quality, providing quality to consumers and affordable prices, said Martin Schoggl - Sales Consultant, CSB-SYSTEM.

Posted on Dec 05 ,13:22

Martin Schoggl - Sales Consultant, CSB-SYSTEM, in an interview for Euromeatnews, said that CSB-SYSTEM offers its customers the possibility to control the material flow and the costs through the technology it provides.

"We are located in most countries in eastern Europe such as in Bulgaria and of course there are differences between the markets but the overall trend is that the buyers of the food producers, mainly the supermarkets chains can put pressure on the sellers to provide information in labeling, information in the AI interfaces or even audits to provide all the data to their customers, to the supermarket chains and this is challenging for the producers to be ready in a flexible way to provide this information more or less online to their customers on demand," Mr Schoggl explained.


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