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Poultry imports in the Filipino market may drop - USDA


A recent adjustment on the 2021 forecast on the animal protein market shows that poultry imports will decline, while pork is expected to increase.

Posted on Jul 20 ,07:37

Poultry imports in the Filipino market may drop - USDA

A recent update on USDA's 2021 forecast for the Filipino meat market shows that the Asian country is expected to increase pork imports, while poultry may fall slightly. Fort this year, pork imports may reach 425,000 tonnes, while poultry is expected to add 330,000 tonnes in the domestic market.
For pork, the report raises imports for 2021 to 425,000 tonnes, 21% higher than the official USDA forecast initially (350,000 tonnes), based on trade trends and improved market access. At the end of June, the Filipino Government released new guidelines for Minimum Access Volume for pork imports, specifying an additional volume of 200,000 tonnes, of which 70% will be available from July to October 2021, and the remaining 30% (60,000 tons) will be available from November 2021 to January 2022.
In the first 4 months of the year, the Philippines imported almost 200,000 tonnes of pork.
Regarding poultry meat, the report adjusts the official forecast for 2021 from 350,000 tons to 330,000 due to the increasing tension in supply chains. While official trade data remains mixed, Philippine poultry processors have underscored the difficulties in sourcing mechanically deboned meat ((MDM)) as long as European supplies remain tight.

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