5 new cases of ASF confirmed in Germany

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The disease has spread among feral pigs and wild boar population in the Oder-Spree district.

Posted on Sep 17 ,10:59

5 new cases of ASF confirmed in Germany

Five new cases of African swine fever have been confirmed in Germany, according to the Ministry for Consumer Protection in Potsdam. The announcement was made after the State Laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg has tested the samples collected from the carcasses found in the woods in the Oder-Spree district, an area already designated as endangered due to the first case of ASF confirmed last week.
Four feral pigs and one wild boar were found dead in the last few days. The animals were discovered only about 20 km away from the site of the first swine fever case. The ASF outbreak in Germany tends to reshape the European pork market due to the impact created by bans on German pork exports in the Asia-Pacific markets and beyond. This week, pig meat prices in Germany have dropped by 13%. A dive in pork prices is expected to happen soon in the EU as Germany will flood the market with volumes that can not be shipped to third countries. Luckily, the demand for pork in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria is still high as those countries are already affected by ongoing ASF outbreaks.
On the other hand, Belgium is expected to regain access in third-markets after the country has managed to contain the disease from spreading to domestic pigs and industrial farms and no new cases of ASF have been reported in wild boars since last October.

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