South Korea

ABPA to signal Brazilian poultry importance in the Korean market


The Asian country is the 8th largest market for Brazilian poultry exports.

Posted on Jul 08 ,07:08

ABPA to signal Brazilian poultry importance in the Korean market

South Korea is largely dependent on Brazilian poultry imports - 80% of the total imports - but many consumers are not aware of this thing. Starting the last week of July, the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) wants to outline the importance of Brazilian poultry in the South Korean market through a promotional campaign which is supposed to run on screens at subway stations and bus terminals in Seoul.
According to ABPA, there will be 362 advertising pieces which, according to the Brazilian Embassy, is the largest image action ever carried out for Brazilian products in the South Korean market.
Last year, South Korea imported 127.400 tonnes of Brazilian poultry, worth $ 200 million. In 2021, the Asian country was hit by many bird flu outbreaks that limited domestic production and intensified imports.

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