ASF cases in Germany reached 480

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The government is worried that vandals are destroying electric fences on the Polish border.

Posted on Jan 13 ,08:25

ASF cases in Germany reached 480

The number of ASF cases in Germany have reached 480, of which 463 were reported in Brandenburg and 17 in Saxony. Another wild boar carcass discovered near Potsdam is currently tested for African swine fever. So far, the disease has been discovered only in wild boars but the Ministry of Agriculture fears for the worst. Germany's Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klockner, called in a statement, to comply with the measures imposed to contain the disease that, for the time being, has not reached the populations of domestic swine.
The German government, however, faces difficulties in maintaining the isolation made by protective electric fences around the central areas and along the border between Germany and Poland, in 63 km built in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, 127 km in Brandenburg and 56 km in Saxony. Temporary fences have been destroyed by intentional actions, according to the government.
“Vandalism jeopardizes the successful control of the epidemic. This is scary and can have consequences, ”said German Minister Julia Klockner.

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