Chicken meat exports grow by 15.3 percent in August


Surveys by the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) show that exports of chicken meat (considering all products, fresh and processed) totaled 437.8 thousand tons in August, a volume that exceeds the total exported by 15.3%. in the same month of 2021, with 379.8 thousand tons.

Posted on Sep 12 ,04:57

Chicken meat exports grow by 15.3 percent in August

The revenue obtained from exports in the eighth month of 2022 reached US$ 922.1 million, a number that is a historic record in the sector's exports and which exceeds by 36.1% the total achieved in 2021, with US$ 677.3 million.

This year (January to August), chicken meat exports from Brazil totaled 3.266 million tons, a volume 7.1% higher than that recorded in the same period last year, with 3.048 million tons. 

In revenue, the rise in exports reaches 33.7%, with US$ 6.542 billion in 2022, against US$ 4.893 billion in the first eight months of 2021. 

“The global scenario is highly demanding for proteins from Brazil, with a special effect on chicken meat exports, which has put pressure on international product prices around the world. In this context, with a sensitive sanitary framework in several markets and Brazil remaining free of Avian Influenza, we predict record shipments in 2022, close to 5 million tons in the twelve months of the year. This, without ceasing to supply the Brazilian market”, analyzes Ricardo Santin, president of ABPA.

Among the main destinations for chicken meat exports between January and August, the United Arab Emirates stands out, with 319 thousand tons (+45%), Japan, with 277.6 thousand tons (+2%), Philippines, with 165 thousand tons (+47%), the European Union, with 163.2 thousand tons (+29%) and South Korea, with 124.3 thousand tons (+63%).

“Asian markets have been increasing their share of Brazilian chicken meat exports. Countries such as the Philippines and South Korea, for example, increased their imports in volumes significantly higher than historical averages, joining other important and historic trading partners of Brazil in the region such as Japan and China in the list of main importers”, analyzes ABPA's director of markets, Luis Rua.

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