China is stockpiling pork for the winter season


Last month, pork imports have reached 380,000 tonnes, up 8% from the previous month.

Posted on Oct 14 ,10:20

China is stockpiling pork for the winter season

Despite the fact that officials in Beijing have placed a large number of restrictions on pork imports from different countries affected by ASF or plants hit by COVID-19 infections, China has increased the volumes of pork imported in September. From a total of 834,000 tonnes of meat imported last month, pork accounts for 380,000 tonnes, up 30,000 tonnes from the previous month.
Pork imports in the first nine months of the year increased 132.2% to 3.29 million tonnes, according to the General Customs Administration of China. in the first 9 months of the year, China's pork production fell by 19% compared to 2019. Herd rebuilding is underway but it will take some years to see pork production reaching pre-ASF levels. The total volume of meat imports in September (834,000 tonnes) is slightly higher than the figure reported in August, 832,000 tonnes. Imports in the first nine months of the year increased by 72% to 7.41 million tonnes.
Beef imports accounted for 180,000 tonnes in September and the volume imported in the first three quarters reached 1.57 million tonnes (+38.8% ).

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