Danish Crown is selling more pork to China


Securing the supplies for the Chinese New Year is driving up demand for Danish pork products.

Posted on Oct 28 ,07:16

Danish Crown is selling more pork to China

China is increasing demand for Danish pork, according to Lars Lars Albertsen, global sales director at Danish Crown Pork. "After a couple of years, when we had a little bit of a hard time getting kicked in the face when we were in negotiation meetings, the mood is completely different today. We have a nice dialogue with the customers, but I have to admit that I am very excited about whether there are at all the quantities of, for example, ham and bacon that are typically demanded in the weeks leading up to Christmas", he explained. The Chinese market is the main destination for Danish pork as importers are fighting to secure a large supply of meat before the start of the Chinese New Year, in January.
"The market in China is really strong because buyers are struggling to obtain meat that can arrive before the Chinese New Year at the end of January. As we have previously stated, it is a huge puzzle to utilize the capacity of the freezer houses as much as possible, but our employees at the slaughterhouses and the employees at the freezer houses we work with make a fantastic effort,", added Mr. Albertsen.
Nevertheless, demand for pork is increasing in some other markets, even in Europe, as the ASF outbreaks in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria have created a shortage in domestic supply.

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