Denmark is changing food control rules

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From January, food control will be more targeted at companies that either cannot or will not comply with the rules.

Posted on Dec 20 ,08:07

Denmark is changing food control rules

Starting 2020, Danish food control inspectors will focus more on companies that either cannot or will not comply with the rules. Food Minister Mogens Jensen states this immediately before a new control concept for food control comes into force. In the future, the Danish Food Safety Authority will focus its control to a greater extent on those companies that look great at food security or for other reasons find it difficult to comply with the rules. This must be done, among other things, by using smarter data and the inspectors' experience.

"The checks will be rescheduled so that those who have shown that they are in control of the rules will receive fewer inspection visits. On the other hand, we are working more strongly towards those who are most in need of control," says Food Minister Mogens Jensen.
All food businesses will continue to receive inspection visits. How often this happens depends on what they have on the shelves and how good they are at following the rules. For example, a butcher shop that handles fresh meat that may pose a greater risk to consumers will receive more visits than a construction market that sells a bit of candy and soda. The Food Agency continues with its many targeted campaign checks, including allergens, food contact materials and labeling.
"As part of the settlement, we introduce start-up assistance to all new entrepreneurs so that they can get started properly. If it turns out that a company - new or old - does not live up to the rules and consumer confidence, they will pay for the two follow-up inspection visits. In this way, hopefully, we will make it clear to everyone that food safety must be taken seriously," added minister Jensen.

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