EU grants new quotas for Chinese duck meat


China is allowed to export to the EU market a volume of 6,600 tonnes of duck meat per year at a 10.9% tariff.

Posted on Apr 02 ,06:58

EU grants new quotas for Chinese duck meat

China has an individual quota for duck meat exports in the EU of 6,600 tonnes per year. The new quotas can be expected to boost the international competitiveness of China's poultry industry while improving the industry standards, according to an industry expert.
The agreement allows the Chinese exporters to deliver 6,600 tonnes of duck meat in the U market with a 10.9% tariff, while the rest it will have a €2,765 duty per ton. Until now, China didn't have an established quota for duck meat in the European market. In 2015, the Asian country filed a complaint against the EU at the WTO over its high tariffs on Chinese poultry products. In 2017, the WTO ruled that the EU's tariff quotas on Chinese poultry products had violated WTO rules. The final agreement on the new tariff quota came after rounds of negotiations between China and the EU in November 2018.
"Thanks to the relatively strong production ability of China's poultry sector, more exports of duck meat to the EU will enhance domestic companies' competitiveness in the world and the Chinese market", said Li Guoxiang, a research fellow at the Rural Development Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in a statement for Global Times newspaper.
The new quota can also improve industry standards in China's poultry business. The EU has high quality and safety standards for poultry imports from all sources, and entering the market will require Chinese poultry products to meet certain criteria, which will drive standardized breeding in the domestic industry.

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