Egypt resume poultry exports to Gulf countries


Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the first markets to open for eggs, frozen chicken and live birds from Egypt.

Posted on Oct 05 ,10:02

Egypt resume poultry exports to Gulf countries

Egypt is set to export poultry in the last quarter of 2020 following a decade-long suspension after the avian flu crisis in 2006. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the first markets to open for Egyptian poultry products and live birds. Head of the Poultry Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce Abdul Aziz Al-Sayed said that a number of Egyptian poultry companies are preparing to export their first shipments to the Saudi market in October, according to the Arab News newspaper.
Last week, the UAE said it would allow the resumption of table egg imports from Egypt, as well as chilled and frozen poultry after the country adopts a veterinary health certificate. The UAE will also import ducks and live quails, provided that Egypt gives a full list of its poultry farms and facilities.
Nabil Darwish, head of the Egyptian Poultry Producers Association, said that contact was made between the General Authority for Veterinary Services and its counterpart in the UAE last week and that the two parties agreed on a UAE visit to poultry farms in Egypt in preparation for the start of exports.

Darwish said the exports will include different types of poultry products, including frozen food and eggs. He added that there are about 14 poultry companies now allowed to export, including Ismailia Misr Poultry, Alwatania Poultry and Al-Sabeel Poultry. In his opinion, the resume of poultry exports will not have an impact on prices in the domestic market. Currently, Egypt has about 55,000 poultry farms with an annual production of 1.4 billion chickens and 13 billion eggs.

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