Global pork trade patterns are changing due to ASF in Germany


USMEF economist Erin Borror expects US pork exports to increase in Asia, as German pork is banned in China.

Posted on Sep 23 ,09:16

Global pork trade patterns are changing due to ASF in Germany

ASF in Germany is going to change the global pork trade patterns in the following months, believes USMEF economist Erin Borror. Even if the global pork production is not going to be affected this year shipment routes are to be different and US producers may capitalize on the situation appeared in Germany.
"Germany is the main game changer because is the largest pork producer in the EU. We will have the same amount of pork in the world, it's just changing where it goes", she said in a podcast issued by the US Meat Export Federation.
So far, Germany has confirmed 20 cases of ASF in wild boar population but, despite the regionalization system applied in most of the EU member states, pork imports from the country have been banned in China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and other countries in the world. "German pork accounts for almost 9% in the global trade, except for the EU imports. Looking at the Chinese trading data, they were importing nearly 50,000 tonnes of pork cuts from Germany each month, a doubled volume from last year's dates.", declared Mrs Borror. However, the access of US pork in South Korea and Japan will be limited for now due to the fact that very strong domestic demand for bellies and the labor required to meet Korean or Japanese buyers' specifications. So, at this point, Chiana remains the biggest driver to accelerate US pork exports, according to Erin Borror.

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