JBS recycles 40,000 tons of plastic in 10 years

Through Ambiental, a group company dedicated to the circular economy, in 2023 alone, almost 6 thousand tons of new products and raw materials were produced from recycled plastic.

Posted on Jul 03 ,00:05

JBS recycles 40,000 tons of plastic in 10 years

Ambiental, a JBS business unit specializing in solid waste management, development of projects and solutions focused on circular economy and recycling and transformation of plastic waste, recycled 40 thousand tons of plastic waste that would have been destined for landfills in ten years . The volume would fill the equivalent of 16 Olympic swimming pools. In 2023 alone, Ambiental recycled approximately 3 thousand tons of plastic, generating more than 6 thousand tons of raw materials and new products.

Of the total plastic material recycled in the last decade, 35% was used for industrial inputs and 65% was used for the production of plastic products, such as packaging, flooring, cages and pallets.

For Thuany Taves , Executive Manager at Ambiental , in addition to contributing to the environment by correctly disposing and recycling plastic inputs, the company also helps to mitigate industrial impact by promoting the circular economy and producing new products from recycled plastic. "Ambiental started with the purpose of managing waste. Today we are a company specializing in plastic recycling, with a focus on promoting circular economy, creating solutions for applying the raw material into new products", says Thuany .

One of the most innovative destinations for difficult-to-recycle plastic developed by Ambiental was the 'green floor', launched in 2021. After two years of study, the company placed on the market an interlocking floor suitable for outdoor environments using plastic used in vacuum packed products. The green floor meets the ABNT - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards - standards and offers the same resistance as a material made 100% of concrete. Recently, the product was certified with the ABNT Ecological Seal of Environmental Quality. In 2023 alone, 22 thousand square meters of 'green floor' were produced, equivalent to 2 football fields.

"Our focus remains on innovation and operational excellence so that we can have high quality and performance raw materials for application in various product lines. Therefore, we encourage our technical team to develop solutions for reusing packaging that is difficult to recycle", explains Thuany. 

A large part of the plastic recycled by Ambiental (80% of the total volume) comes from the operations of JBS business units, such as Friboi, Seara, Swift, Couros and Novos Negócios and generates new products to serve its companies and the market. Today, Ambiental operates 23 units in Brazil, focusing on the management and treatment of recyclable and non-recyclable post-industrial solid waste.

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