Kenya poultry industry urges government to ban poultry imports from Uganda

While Kenyan poultry producers may feel some relief after such a decision, beef exports to Uganda may suffer.

Posted on Mar 24 ,10:13

Kenya poultry industry urges government to ban poultry imports from Uganda

Kenyan poultry producers are asking the government to ban Uganda’s cheap poultry imports. Uganda has resumed poultry exports in the Kenyan market last year, after a two-year ban. In exchange, Kenya has received to right to export beef in Uganda.
In a petition from the Kenya Poultry Breeders Association, the farmers have asked officials to limit or ban cheap poultry imports from the neighboring country.
“We hereby urge the government to consider the plight of Kenyan farmers, employees and the economy as a whole by restricting chicken imports from Uganda as this is going to destabilize the industry,” wrote Mr. Humphrey Mbugua, the chairperson of Kenya Poultry Breeders Association. He sid that Ugandese poultry is sold in the domestic market at prices 10% lower than the one produced locally.
According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, in the period between 2014 and 2018, Uganda’s poultry production capacity had reached 42.9 million birds with 87.7% of these being indigenous. However, losing market access in the Kenyan poultry market may lead to retaliatory measures from Uganda, Kenyan beef being the first to be taxed or banned, informs Daily Mail newspaper.

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