Malaysia opens market for Pakistani halal meat imports


Official sources said the two countries have signed MoUs in five sectors, including halal meat imports.

Posted on Mar 22 ,13:13

Malaysia opens market for Pakistani halal meat imports

Malaysia Finance Minister Asad Umar announced that his country will soon start halal meat imports from Pakistan following delegation-level talks between Pakistan and Malaysia led by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, reports GeoTV.
The two parts have already signed MoUs in five sectors, including halal meat imports. Since 2010, Malaysia is confronted with a decline of its cattle herd, which increased the country's dependence on livestock imports from Australia or Thailand or on water buffalo meat imports from India.
At the same time, Pakistan has promoted the livestock sector, now considered to be a considered central component in its agricultural sector. In 2017, the halal meat sector was estimated at about $600 billion. Pakistan meat industry is vibrant and has seen rigorous developments during last decade as the government also showed interest to boost livestock production and processing facilities to meet increasing local and global demand, as described in an analysis published by Muhammad Sohaib and Faraz Jamil.
"In Pakistan, meat production is still based on traditional management practices and is less productive. For the last few years, annual growth of meat production showed elevated trends. The meat production has risen to 3.873 million tons in 2016 compared to 3.696 and 3.531 in 2015 and 2014, respectively. Among exports, Pakistani mainly exports red meat that is annually growing by 30%, ", said the analysts.
Meanwhile, Malaysia is to see a further decline of its cattle herd and, according to Ben Santoso, a Rabobank Singapore food and agribusiness analyst, the country's beef imports will reach 90% of the domestic consumption by 2022.

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