Mangalica pig meat enjoys success in Asian markets


The Hungarian National Association of Mangalica Breeders is exporting 70% of the pig meat produced.

Posted on Sep 02 ,10:14

Mangalica pig meat enjoys success in Asian markets

Asia and America are the main regions where Mangalica pig breeders in Hungary are shipping a large part of their production, informs Budapest Business Journal. 70% of Mangalica pig meat is exported in regions such as Asia and America, with the Japanese hospitality acting like one of the most important channels of sales. The success resides in the content of fat of a pig, which stands at almost 70% of its weight. "Mangalicaʼs ratio of meat to fat is the direct opposite of [other] pigs: it is 30% lean meat and 70% fat. We Hungarians, though we love cooking bacon or eating bread with grease, still donʼt like fatty meats so much. Meanwhile, only the most expensive, high-end restaurants around the world put Mangalica at the forefront, while Spaniards buy it for premium ham,", explains Attila Veegh, the partner responsible for communications at the association.
30% of the meat produced remains in the country and it is used in products such as sausages, salami, and bacon. Nevertheless, copying the trend from Japan, where Mangalica pork is often served in high-end restaurants, the Hungarian chefs have started to create dishes from this pig meat. Also, the Hungarian National Association of Mangalica Breeders hopes to push the product further and to open the food street market for this meat. "We have a dual aim with this: we want to convince both the trucks and the people that Mangalica meat does not only hold its own at the most expensive restaurants but as street food as well", added Mr. Veegh. The breed represents only 2% in the national pig inventory.

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