Miratorg announce increased poultry production for 2022


The Russian Holding aims to reach a production of 178,000 tonnes, 20.3% higher than in 2021.

Posted on Apr 29 ,06:37

Miratorg announce increased poultry production for 2022

ABH Miratorg aims to reach a total poultry production of 178,000 tonnes in 2022, which is 20.3% higher than in 2021. One hundred percent availability of hatching eggs allows the company not to adjust the production program. Miratorg performed systematic transition to full self-sufficiency in hatching eggs and full parent stock of poultry which allowed to eliminate the dependence of the poultry division on imported genetic material, to reduce biological risks, and increase egg quality indicators. The company invested 339.8 million rubles in a high-tech incubator expansion project allowing for the increase of its capacity by 34.6%, from 78 to 105 million eggs per year.

Miratorg is one of the ten largest poultry meat producers in Russia. The company has invested more than 31 billion rubles to create a vertically integrated full-cycle production facility in Bryansk Oblast: from growing crops for compound feed production to deep processing. The production chain includes a feed mill and premix plant, 24 sites for poultry breeding, a hatchery and an automated slaughtering and deep processing facility. The total poultry stock at the facilities exceeds 12.5 million heads. The Holding continues to invest in the production development and implementation of best practices at all stages of the production chain.

High-tech meat processing complex complies with world standards for automation, environmental and industrial safety. The enterprise is certified for export shipments and is regularly audited by current and potential customers. Miratorg feeds poultry with its own feed without the use of genetically modified additives and growth promoters, ensuring high competitiveness of the final product in the market.

“We can see the first results of the modernized hatchery, there are healthy chickens and increased liveability rates, which has a positive effect on the cost of finished products. A new site for the parent stock was launched in April, to continue to increase production capacity and ensure the stable output of high-quality, as fresh and healthy as possible poultry meat products, so popular in Russia,” Miratorg’s press service announced.

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