New high-performance sausage filling line now also available in mirrored version PVLH 252 L

With the market launch of the new high-performance PVLH 251 AL system in autumn of 2023, Handtmann was able to offer medium-scale and industrial sausage producers another automated production process for the portioning, linking and hanging of sausages in peel-off and collagen casing.

Posted on Feb 29 ,00:05

New high-performance sausage filling line now also available in mirrored version PVLH 252 L

The high-performance line comes into its own above all in classic hot dog production and with few product changes. The long version of this new linking and hanging line is now also available as the model PVLH 252 L. The PVLH 252 L is the mirrored version of the PVLH 251 L and is characterised by a production direction from left to right. An external operating unit for the vacuum filling machine allows for control of the line on operator side.

At a maximum output of up to 3,750 portions per minute, the line is ideally suited for the mono-production of pre-cooked sausages and hot dogs in peel-off and collagen casing. This high level of productivity is made possible by short set-up times and minimal casing change times with only one linking nozzle. The PVLH 252 L has been designed with a practical useful length of the linking nozzle for extra-long shirred casing of up to 580 mm. This again increases the effective machine operating time, particularly in mono-productions. What's adding to this as well is high process reliability due to reliable casing spooling. Reliable casing change is always ensured thanks to centring of the linking nozzle and simultaneous guiding of the shirred casing in the casing spooling unit. The filling product scraper ensures that the linking nozzle is clean at all times, thus further enhancing process reliability. An optical signal in the casing magazine signals the operator promptly when the shirred casings in the magazine reach a critical fill level. The casing magazine can thus be filled with new casings in good time, which contributes to the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the line.

The new Handtmann AHE 252-16 hanging unit further multiplies the advantages of the new PVLH 252 L. Flexible hook spacing, adjustable in 5 mm increments, ensures that all products are conveyed with optimum spacing. This results in maximum smoke stick utilisation and cost savings in the downstream process. As an option, the hanging unit can also be equipped with the Handtmann AHE scales. Weighing the products allows for automatic readjustment of the filling volume and thus ensures optimum product weights at all times. Give-away is reduced and cost savings of up to 2 % are possible.  

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