Open Door event at Euro Buffalo farm


Private investment of €20 million places Romania as the largest bison breeder in the EU.

Posted on May 11 ,11:06

Open Door event at Euro Buffalo farm

Carnexpo GRILL team has organized an Open Door event at the largest bison farm in Europe located in Salonta, Romania in order to promote premium local products. The farm holds the largest bison herd in the EU (1,200 head) and intends to increase the number of animals to 3,000.
Hannes Bohinc, founder of Euro Buffalo (photo below - right):  "We made an investment in Salonta as we aim to produce in Romania for Romania. We have a herd of over 1200 bison with the greatest genetic diversity in Europe, and our goal is to reach a number of 3,000 head. I thank the organizers and specialists for their presence and for their interest in promoting bison meat, a premium product that we are proud of and which in the end is a Romanian product".


Some of the most renowned names in the meat industry, HORECA and retail sector were invited to participate in a premiere at the event that was focused on emphasizing the quality of the products realized at Euro Buffalo farm in Salonta. They had the opportunity to visit the farm and the Euro Buffalo slaughterhouse and to taste the bison meat in different forms of cooking: grilled steaks, burgers, bison meat dishes, sausages, salamis and traditional products from Romania and Hungary such as mititei and bogracs.
Eugen Capra, General Manager of CARNEXPO Grill (photo above - left): “Promoting quality meat is already a tradition for us, which is why I want to thank our host, Euro Buffalo, for the opportunity to get to know a premium niche product such as bison meat. During the two days of the event, the invited specialists from the meat, Horeca and retail sectors had the opportunity to visit the farm, the slaughterhouse and to taste different products and preparations made with bison meat. We welcome the bison meat on the Romanian market and we are proud to present this product at CARNEXPO Grill from June 10-11 at Theodora Golf ''.
Euro Buffalo has made an investment of over €20 million in a farm and a slaughterhouse and owns a herd of over 1,200 animals, the largest genetic diversity of bison in Europe. The farm has an area of ​​over 2700 ha and is equipped with state-of-the-art agricultural equipment, so as to produce all the amount of feed needed for animal feed. Euro Buffalo also has a modern slaughterhouse that allows it to make a production from farm to fork, with optimal control of the quality of finished products.


The Open Doors event at the Euro Buffalo bison farm was a closed-circuit B2B meeting concept, in which the main topics of discussion were meat and bison meat preparations, produced in a niche with great potential, both on the Romanian market but also on the foreign market.

We thank our hosts from Euro Buffalo and the participants in the event and invite the specialists from the meat industry, HORECA and retail sectors to taste the meat and bison meat dishes at CARNEXPO Grill from June 10-11, 2021 at Theodora Golf Club in Romania.

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