Perdue Farms announces partnership with GreenGasUSA


Perdue Farms has partnered with GreenGasUSA to further the company’s carbon-reduction goals.

Posted on Jan 25 ,00:10

Perdue Farms announces partnership with GreenGasUSA

In late 2022, GreenGas completed installation of equipment at Perdue’s operations in Lewiston, N.C. to capture the methane from the operation’s onsite wastewater treatment facility and convert it to renewable natural gas (RNG).

Through GreenGas’ partnership with large food producers, industrial, and manufacturing companies all across the United States, the pipeline-grade RNG is transported from Perdue’s Lewiston operation to a GreenGas RNG pipeline interconnection hub, where it is injected into existing pipelines and made available to their customers.

A leading provider of renewable energy solutions, GreenGas helps farmers, food processors, and industrial manufacturers capture greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their operations. Through wastewater optimization and anaerobic digestion, the company converts waste streams into RNG, which is used by their customers as a zero- and negative-carbon fuel source to offset and reduce fossil fuel consumption. In the first two months of this project with Perdue, over 10,500 metric tons of CO2e were captured and converted to RNG. This is the GHG equivalent of eliminating 1,181,500 gallons of gasoline being consumed.

“The Lewiston project has been a huge success for RNG development in the agriculture and food processing space, and a wonderful partnership with Perdue. We are excited to help accelerate Perdue’s sustainability journey by reducing emissions of methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases, and condition it to a valuable renewable fuel for end-users. The people, integrity, and collaboration at Perdue made this project the success that we are celebrating today,” said CEO and Founder of GreenGasUSA, Marc Fetten.

A family-owned, vertically integrated food and agriculture company, Perdue Farms partners with more than 2,600 farmers in North Carolina growing poultry and grain, contributing significantly to the state’s agribusiness industry.

“Through this high-impact initiative in North Carolina, we’ve initially reduced Perdue’s companywide carbon emissions by 17 percent, and expect that number to grow considerably over time,” said Drew Getty, Perdue Farms vice president of environmental sustainability and government relations. “Working with like-minded partners like GreenGas, we’re able to accelerate our environmental efforts and continue reducing the impact of our operations.”

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