Pig prices have stalled in the EU


During the Easter holiday, there were no significant changes in prices.

Posted on Apr 27 ,11:00

Pig prices have stalled in the EU

The increase in pig prices in the EU market has stopped in the last couple of weeks, according to data revealed by PolPig. There were no significant changes in prices reported from Spain, Denmark, France and Austria. A small increase of 2 ₵ in purchase prices for pigs was reported in Italy, while declines were recorded in the Netherlands (-6 ₵) and Belgium (-5 ₵). Germany maintained the same price of €1.95 / kg for fattening pigs, while Poland remained at an average of €1.80/kg.
The market may start to react in the following weeks as Russia announced a halt in energy deliveries for Poland and Bulgaria. Already in Poland, higher prices of deed and energy have impacted the sector and a massive liquidation may lead to a drop in prices for the next two or three months.

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