Pork consumption rises in Spanish households


The consumption of fresh pork has grown by 8.31% in the period January-July 2020, compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the latest available data prepared by the Spanish association - INTERPORC.

Posted on Nov 12 ,07:43

Pork consumption rises in Spanish households

In total, consumption in Spanish households reached 488,900 tons of the 1.63 million tons of total meat consumed (chicken, pork, beef and sheep / goats).

Likewise, in the same period, the consumption of processed products increased, up to 5.97%, with more than 457,000 tons of pork.

The white layer pork sector contributes to Spanish consumers 43% of the total meat they eat throughout the year and contributes to the Spanish food system with 30% of all fresh meat and 82% of all processed meat.

The data show that white-coated pigs are responding to consumers, who demand, with increasing demand, healthier and more elaborate products that take care of the welfare of animals and the environment.

In this sense, the pork meat industry works every day to bring healthier meat derivatives to the market with different characteristics and composition (reduced in fat, reduced in salt, etc.). In addition, together with the commercialization of fresh, frozen and refrigerated meats and offal, cut or packaged, there is a very wide and powerful range of processed products, of multiple types, formats and presentations (cured, cooked, preserved, etc.).

All products of the highest quality and food safety, and made under the most demanding production model in the world in matters such as animal welfare and care for the environment.

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