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Pork imports to rise in the Filipino market


The swine population in the Philippines is estimated at 9.87 million head; 12.8% lower compared to 2020.

Posted on Feb 11 ,16:03

Pork imports to rise in the Filipino market

The Filipino pork market is certainly dependent on pig meat imports, as the national pig inventory has declined 12.8% last year. The current figures are not encouraging local producers also, as 72% of the pigs are backyard farms, with only 28% commercial farms. 11 regions in the Philippines have shown decreases in production and the entire production picture has changed. In previous years, Central Luzon and South Luzon were leaders in pork production. South Luzon is in fourth place with 1.006 million head while Western Visayas is ranked no.1 with 1.19 million pigs, followed by Central Visayas (1.19 million pigs) and then Northern Mindanao (1.09 million pigs). Central Luzon had the biggest inventory reduction – 52% with a current estimated population of just over half a million pigs.
pork imports in the Filipino market have skyrocketed last year reaching 570,000 tonnes of frozen pork, 227% of 2020 imports (256,000 tonnes). Frozen Pork came mostly from Spain, Canada, and the USA. Despite massive imports, Filipino consumers still prefer to buy local pork over imported one. Frozen pork inventory as of end of 2021 was at 64.07 million kg, up by 93.20% vs same time the previous year. However, most analysts will put their money on increased pork imports for the next two years in the Filipino market, as the ASF crisis is far from being over.

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