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Poultry imports from the UK banned in the Filipino market


"Tight supply will increase higher raw material costs for processors and, later, for consumers", warns Traders Association.

Posted on Mar 11 ,11:18

Poultry imports from the UK banned in the Filipino market

The Philippines decide to ban poultry imports from the UK due to a large number of avian flu outbreaks reported in the kingdom. "Given that highly pathogenic avian influenza has already spread to all areas in the United Kingdom, over a three-month period, it is recommended that a national ban be imposed. Highly pathogenic avian influenza in the UK killed 203,128 birds," commented the Secretary of Agriculture William Darr. According to the Filipino Bureau of Animal Industry, chicken imports from the UK in the first month of 2021 totaled 166,000 tonnes, or 9.8% of the total.
Mr. Dar confirmed that all shipments of birds in transit, loaded or accepted at ports prior to the official communication of the memorandum of order to British officials will still be permitted, as long are not from England, the Orkney Islands in Scotland; Lisburn and Clough in Northern Ireland; and Anglesey in Wales.
The decision may lead to an increase in prices for poultry products in the Filipino market, warns Jesus C. Cham, president of the Meat Importers and Traders Association. “It is a pity that the supply situation is increasingly tight. This will translate into higher raw material costs for processors and, later, for consumers. We need to find a solution quickly,” he said. In his opinion, for a while, processors must absorb the impact in the best possible way. Since February, the Philippines decided to increase the quota in pork and poultry imports in an attempt to keep the prices under control. The country is facing a deficit in animal protein due to an ongoing ASF outbreak that started in 2019.

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