Spanish pork sector is focusing on Mexico and Japan


In the last 10 years, pork exports to these markets have grown considerably, according to Interporc.

Posted on Mar 14 ,11:42

Spanish pork sector is focusing on Mexico and Japan

Interporc, the Inter-professional Agri-Food Organization for White Pork, intends to benefit from the new Trade Agreements signed between the EU and Mexico and Japan. Pork exports to these countries have grown considerably in the last decade and Spain wants to consolidate its presence in these markets.
Last year, Spanish pork exports to Japan have reached 117,627 tonnes and a 9.6% market share. The value exceeded 440 million euros, 9.2% of the total value of Japanese imports, which places Spain as the fourth supplier of pork to the Japanese market. Since 2008, the growth in Spanish pork exports to Japan is of almost 600%, from 17,323 tonnes to 117,617 tonnes, according to data collected by Interporc.
Also, Mexico is another market where Spanish pork exports have increased by 400% in volume in the last years. Mexico pork industry covers only 60% of the domestic consumption, annual imports reaching 1.1 million tonnes of pork. Spanish exports of pork to Mexico exceeded 2,500 tons last year and 22.4 million euros, positioning the European country as the fourth largest supplier, after the United States, Canada and Chile. In 2008, Spain pork exports to Mexico stood at 610 tonnes.
Spain is taken as an example by the British pork industry who is trying to create a similar strategy for its exports. In 2018, Spain exported 1.7 million tonnes of pig meat (product weight), 1.5% more than a year earlier. "Pigmeat exports to the EU fell by 2%, to 1.1 million tonnes in 2018. Exports to non-EU destinations grew by 7.5% to 600,000 tonnes. Spanish exporters have been very successful in growing their extra EU export volumes in recent years, underpinning the expansion in national production. Non-EU exports accounted for 20% of total export volumes five years ago, but in 2018 they contributed over a third. The Spanish example is a testament to the opportunities that exist in non-EU pork markets", says Duncan Wyatt, Lead Analyst for AHDB.

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