TRANSAVIA invests 35 000 000 Euro in green energy


TRANSAVIA, the poultry market leader in Romania, invests 35 000 000 Euro in the next 2 years in renewable energy and cogeneration to reach almost all of its energy needs.

Posted on Jul 08 ,04:47

TRANSAVIA invests 35 000 000 Euro in green energy

This year alone, through the projects already started, TRANSAVIA intends to place over 22,000 photovoltaic panels that will produce green energy. This installed capacity of 10 MWh will cover approximately 30% of the electricity consumption of TRANSAVIA facilities. This stage will eliminate at least 4 million kilograms of CO2 emissions annually, the equivalent of the annual emissions from 1778 cars.
The significant reduction in carbon emissions will be doubled by a positive economic effect on the company's performance, which, once it meets its energy needs on its own, will be protected from massive fluctuations in energy prices. The photovoltaic panels will be installed both on the roofs of poultry farms and on the ground, depending on the structure of the buildings and the position in front of the sun. At the current stage, more than 100,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels will be fitting.
"Our ambition is to ensure, by the end of 2023, almost all the necessary electricity. That's why we invest heavily in green energy and energy efficiency solutions that will contribute to our long-term results. Only in the first stage, concentrated in the current year, we will cover about a third of the electricity needed for our facilities, creating a unique advantage in the market. The only factor that could affect our progress would be the malfunctioning of supply chains. However, we are confident that, together with the companies we collaborate with in the implementation of the project, we will find solutions so that by the end of next year we will be able to produce 80% -100% of the energy we need ", says Dr. Eng. Ioan Popa, President and Founder of TRANSAVIA.
This initiative is part of the sustainability strategy, from grain to fork, through which the company is committed to protecting resources for future generations, acting responsibly for people, animals, communities and the environment.
"We are committed to being a role model for all market players and to actively contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by minimizing our carbon footprint. Only 10 MWh, produced by the photovoltaic panels in the first stage, are the equivalent of planting 187,000 trees or, in other words, a forest of almost 200 hectares. In this way, we contribute directly to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and combating the effects of climate change", says Theodora Popa, Vice President of TRANSAVIA.
In addition to the photovoltaic panels, TRANSAVIA will also implement two cogeneration projects with high electrical and thermal efficiency.
To make energy consumption more efficient, TRANSAVIA has already adopted the use of efficient technologies and equipment and implemented models for their reliable operation so that there are no losses.

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