Thailand is increasing live pig exports to Cambodia


The South East Asian country also fears ASF outbreaks and has stopped introducing new breeding stock into the herd.

Posted on Jun 13 ,01:02

Thailand is increasing live pig exports to Cambodia

Thai pork prices have increased to $5/kg due to slow production and increased demand for pigs from neighboring Cambodia. The shortage is increasingly severe after Cambodia has imposed a ban on imports of pork and live pigs from Vietnam, which is being hit by an outbreak of African Swine Fever. Cambodia is also affected by ASF virus.

This has prompted the Thai Ministry of Commerce to collaborate with the Thai Swine Raisers Association to curb the pig price at USD 2/kg. At the same time, the ministry has fixed pork price at USD 5/kg maximum, according to a Genesus Global Market report.
"It is estimated that live pig exports from Thailand to Cambodia increased to about 2000 heads/day in June after Cambodia’s ban on live pig imports from Vietnam had taken effect.

Cambodia consumes about 6000 pigs/day and 20% of which is imported. After the ban, the price of live pigs in the country has been doubled to USD2.75/kg", says Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia, Genesus Inc.
Due to the risk of an ASF outbreak, Thailand has increased border patrols to curb smuggling of pigs and pork products from neighbouring countries. The country’s Department of Livestock Development is collaborating with the Food and Agriculture Organisation to set up vehicle disinfection points along the border of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. At the same time, Thai pig farmers are slowing down introducing new breeding stock into their herd from local sources, fearing that they would carry diseases, especially ASF into the farms.

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