The pillars of the success of Spanish white-coated pork meat and products


On the one hand, the production system is the European one, the most guaranteeing in the world in matters as important as food safety, traceability and animal welfare.

Posted on Oct 18 ,00:15

The pillars of the success of Spanish white-coated pork meat and products

On the other hand, Spain have products, both meat and pork products, that are very tasty and nutritious. Some of them, like ham, are totally recognizable and associated with the concept of quality.

And, finally, the professionalism of local companies. Over time they have proven that they are business partners that can be trusted.

All of this makes up a very attractive profile for companies and countries that want to import quality food, with the maximum guarantees of food security for their population, which is increasingly demanding. 

For example, animal welfare is part of the DNA of the white-coated pork sector in Spain and, in fact, producers even try to stay ahead of what the consumer asks for and what the law requires.

The best example is the voluntary B+ seal. To obtain it, companies must comply with the IAWS Technical Regulation (INTERPORC Animal Welfare Spain), created by a scientific technical committee and verified for compliance by certifying companies outside the sector.

Due to its conditions, it is the most demanding Animal Welfare Regulation in the world, which has made us an international reference in this matter.

In another section that is increasingly in demand, environmental sustainability, producers also respond adequately. The numbers are constantly improving steadily. For example, companies constantly reduce the GHG emissions and they currently represent only 2.64% of Spain's total, according to MITECO data. That places the industry well below sectors with double-digit figures.

But not only that, all important data, such as water consumption per kg of meat produced, also follow a constant downward trend.

And, if that were not enough, there are more and more circular economy projects in which slurry is used to generate energy with which they are self-sufficient, or farms or industries that use clean energy.

Finally, eating healthy is undoubtedly one of the main demands of consumers. In the case of pork, it has proteins, iron, zinc, group B vitamins such as B12, which is practically only in meat. Not in vain does meat form part of the Mediterranean diet, considered by doctors and nutritionists as one of the healthiest in the world.

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