UK pork exports to the USA reach almost £11.6m


America is now the third biggest export market for the UK pork sector, with shipments having nearly doubled in value compared with last year, according to AHDB.

Posted on Aug 08 ,04:52

UK pork exports to the USA reach almost £11.6m


Analyzing the latest figures from HMRC, in the first four months of the year, pork exports to the USA were worth almost £11.6 million – rising from £6.3 million in 2021. Between January and April this year, the volume of pork exports has increased nearly 60%, with shipments up from 2,202 to to 3,484 to.

“America has become an increasingly valuable market for UK red meat, particularly pork, with exports rising month-on-month this year, and strong domestic demand is expected to persist. The UK has world-class food and farming standards, and our pork is of high quality and competitively priced, all of which drives demand in the US. And with our strong food safety credentials, pork from the UK continues to be highly regarded in overseas markets. Also, the UK’s success in reducing antibiotic usage in the pork sector has helped differentiate our products and is highly regarded by consumers in America. All of this is helping to grow our pork exports in this hugely important market,” said Susana Morris, Senior Export Manager for the Americas.

America is a key target market for the export team, with work ongoing to raise the profile of pork, beef and lamb from the UK to buyers across the country.

In March, AHDB hosted 40 key influencers at a meat and cheese tasting event in Los Angeles. Guests were given the opportunity to sample pork and beef from the UK, as well as meet with exporters to learn more about our country’s high animal welfare standards and traceability.

In June, the export team met with one of Mexico’s biggest meat processors to explore opportunities to start shipping pork from the UK. Senior leaders from SuKarne took part in a two-day mission to London to hear from experts at AHDB, government officials and pork processors about a range of topics – including antibiotic usage, production methods and our export capabilities.

The export team will also be exhibiting at the Espacio Food and Service Show in Chile in September, to promote UK pork in this new market which opened in March of this year, in a move estimated to be worth £20 million in the first five years of trade.


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