US triples frozen beef exports to China against Australia


In July, shipments from both countries reached $107 million (US) vs $35 million (AU).

Posted on Aug 31 ,11:14

US triples frozen beef exports to China against Australia

US frozen beef is taking a large share of the Chinese market, benefiting from tensions between Canberra and Beijing. Aussie frozen beef exports to China have fallen constantly since April this year, according to a report presented by the South China Morning Post newspaper.
In May, the US shipped $90 million of frozen beef to China, compared to Australia's $47 million, the Morning Post reported. By July, US exports hit $107 million, while Australia's shipments fell to $35 million.
Trade data show the values of US frozen beef exports to China between April and July this year were from 8 to 18 times higher than their corresponding months last year. Overall, first-half US beef exports to China increased more than 1,000% from a year ago in both volume (81,001 tonnes) and value ($622.5 million), thanks to improved market access that took effect in March 2020 under the Phase One Economic and Trade Agreement.


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