Urgent adjustment of EU marketing standards for poultry meat required


As expected, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is initially limiting its draft to the obligation to label pigs.

Posted on Aug 02 ,04:25

Urgent adjustment of EU marketing standards for poultry meat required


A time horizon for expanding to other animal species such as poultry is not specified - only the vague intention. "This is more than regrettable, because poultry meat is in increasing demand and already plays an important role in the Animal Welfare Initiative. So attitude labeling would be a lazy and incomplete compromise to begin with. Why this hanging game? Because the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Minister Özdemir are reluctant to finally actively and vigorously push ahead with the urgently needed revision of the EU marketing standards for poultry meat in Brussels," President Ripke calls for more speed at European level.

In order to enable future-proof animal husbandry in Germany and thus guarantee food security for the local population, the political will to implement holistic solutions is required. The key points from the point of view of the German poultry industry are:

1 . Clarify the question of financing and guarantee animal owners secure reimbursement of additional costs over 20 years.
2 . Combine mandatory husbandry and origin labeling.
3. Include out-of-home areas with gastronomy, canteens and wholesalers.
4. Legally enable companies to implement higher management forms at all (adaptation of building law).
5. Amending the EU marketing standards for poultry meat to clear the way for labeling – across Europe!

According to Ripke, all political leaders across party lines must now quickly close the gaps in the draft law on state animal husbandry labeling: “The arguments are on the table. There is still time for the urgently needed amendments to the law so that, after years of discussion, a viable and future-oriented concept can finally be launched. As designed by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, it remains a model without value and endangers Germany as a location for livestock. We are still willing and happy to work together constructively," emphasizes President Friedrich-Otto Ripke. “We have repeatedly asked for appropriate discussions in competent circles. The earliest appointment offer from the BMEL to the ZDG is November 18, 2022 – seriously?”

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