Hygiene & Biosecurity


ASF hits the largest Romanian pig farm

16,000 pigs were culled at one of Tebu Consult units, in Braila county.

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12 million animals vaccinated in Afganisthan by FAO teams

The Transboundary Animal Disease (TAD) Project, supported financially by the government of Japa...

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Philippines sets up a task force to investigate mortality in pigs

A rise in pig deaths in some parts of the Asian country has triggered the ASF alarm for the autho...

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Myanmar reports first ASF case

Along with China, Vietnam, Mongolia, North Korea, Cambodia and Laos, this is the seventh country ...

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Serbia reports 4 possible cases of ASF

114 pigs were culled to prevent the disease from spreading.

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ASF confirmed in the Philippines

Foreign lab test required by Manilla shows positive results in 14 cases out of 20.

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Liberia gets help in ensuring safe meat consumption

UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized a three-day capacity enhancement training ...

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61 tonnes of poultry recalled in the US due to possible listeria contamination

The problem was discovered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency after 4 samples tested positive...

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Boar semen importers sentenced in Australia

Federal agriculture minister Bridget McKenzie said the two men showed a disturbing disregard for ...

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Pig industry in Thailand defends itself against ASF

Producers are putting money together to buy pigs from backyard farms and poor biosecurity farms.

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