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ASF still spreading through Asia

See how the countries affected by the disease responded in front of this threat and what sate is ...

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New ASF outbreak in Poland puts Europe on alert

The virus was confirmed in a province not far from Germany and puts in danger large commercial fa...

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New Zealand gets scared of ASF

"Contaminated food is the same transmission pathway for diseases like BSE and Foot and Mouth Di...

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It is inevitable: "ASF will enter Germany, Spain and Denmark", says expert

Fear of African Swine Fever (ASF) is spreading to all continents as the virus keeps devastate pig...

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ASF outbreak in Serbia stirs panic in a neighbouring country

Two villages from Timis, Romania are under surveillance after an ASF outbreak was confirmed acros...

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Germany ramps up prevention against ASF

The disease was detected in wild boars 40 kilometers away from the German border.

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ASF may see a vaccine in 5 years, announce Australian researcher

Without a vaccine there can be no control over the disease, says the head of Australian Animal H...

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47,000 pigs culled in South Korea

The ASF virus may spread further as the rivers were contaminated with blood.

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Vietnam urges pig farmers to rebuild their herds

The number of ASF outbreaks reported in the last couple of months shows signs of decrease.

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Bulgaria paid €2.5 million as financial support in ASF outbreaks

The sum covers only half of the cleaning and decontamination operations in private holdings affec...

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