Safety & Legislation


Illegal Chinese beef imports discovered in the US

The country ineligible to export beef to the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ...

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Food waste problem to be analyzed in Turkey

FAO, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey, and Metro Turkey join forces to tackle food ...

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Hong Kong bans poultry imports from 3 countries

The measure applies to products from some regions in South Korea, Germany and Poland that were hi...

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NZ red meat industry enjoy the UK's decision to apply for CPTPP

Nevertheless, any new member must be prepared to commit to allowing high-quality access to their ...

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Denmark puts tax on carrier bags

Starting this year, the cost of a carrier bag in store it wil be at least DKK4 (€0.52), regardele...

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Tougher measures taken in China against ASF illegal vaccines

Local governments were asked to identify any positive samples of the virus and report any strains...

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South Korea bans ruminant meat products from 36 countries

A notice on the banning of food imports from countries with a history of mad cow disease (BSE) wa...

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€3.5 billion to support the modernization of the Spanish meat industry

6 Interprofessional organizations and 21 companies are joining forces to reshape the meat sector.

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Turkey funds FAO project for food safety in 5 countries

Food safety systems from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan and Turkey w...

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"Too early for cultured meat in Russia", says Cherkizovo

Its safety and nutritional value remain questionable, according to Sergey Shapovalov, Director of...

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