Safety & Legislation


Spain's Coren may export fresh organic pork in Japan

Since July 16, 2020, a new certificate (JAS Livestock) is necessary for organic products of anim...

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BMPA wants a new veterinary agreement between the UK and EU

Technically British sausages cannot enter and be marketed in the EU, although these products have...

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Food safety still poses challenges for Africa

A 2018 study found the economic losses from unsafe food in low- and middle-income countries is ...

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Cambodia bans frozen meat imports from India

Starting May 1st, frozen meat and meat products from India are banned over coronavirus fears.

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MBW to hold Global Dialogue before UN's Food System Summit

"The global meat industry is fragmented and I'm extremely concerned there isn't an aligned glob...

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End of the cage farming to arrive in 6 years

Until 2027, MEPs want to gradually end the use of cages on farms to improve animal welfare.

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Canada’s BSE era nears end as OIE grants negligible risk status

The beef industry celebrates the moment as the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) recogni...

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Saudi Arabia changes rules for frozen poultry imports

A reduction in shelf life from one year to 3 months is now in place in the Saudi market.

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Germany and China start talks on ASF

Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner and her Chinese counterpart Tang Renijan agree in ...

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China receives WB loan for food safety project

The cost of foodborne diseases in terms of human capital productivity loss in China is estimated ...

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