ARGENTINE: Export of meat to Israel is guaranteed by 2022


Within days of the entry into force of the new beef export scheme for the next two years, the Minister of Agriculture, Julián Domínguez, met with the Israeli Ambassador to Argentina, Galit Ronen.

Posted on Jan 11 ,12:04

ARGENTINE: Export of meat to Israel is guaranteed by 2022

The national official confirmed that the export of beef produced under the kosher rite to the Israeli market is guaranteed. It did so after a special quota of 3,500 tons per month for that country had expired at the end of the year. The Argentine ambassador to Israel, Sergio Urribarri, also participated in the meeting.

The head of the agricultural portfolio highlighted that Israel is one of the main buyers of national beef along with China, Chile and the European Union. "Our exports have remained stable, which honors our word and guarantees Israel's food security," Minister Domínguez said in a statement at the end of the meeting.

And he added: "As President Alberto Fernández instructed us, we ratify through a country-country agreement that meat exports are assured. We are working to give predictability and confidence to the livestock sector and to friendly countries such as Israel, with which we have been forging a historical, cultural and commercial relationship for 70 years."

Ambassador Urribarri said that in 2021 Argentina's exports to Israel grew by 30% and the final number will exceed USD 338 million.

"In less than two years, our surplus balance with Israel doubled and already exceeds USD 200 million," he said. In addition, he highlighted that more than 56% of the total that the country exported to Israel in 2021 corresponded to frozen and chilled beef, for more than USD 191 million. "40% of total Israeli imports of fresh meat were Argentine slaughter, an extremely popular product in the country," he said.

Urribarri also recalled that for the entry of beef to Israel to take place, it must have kosher certification. All this represented a great challenge in times of pandemic, where efforts were redoubled to achieve the goals set, and thus also consolidate sources of work and foreign exchange earnings.

According to data provided by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Meat and Derivatives of the Argentine Republic (CICCRA), in the first eleven months of 2021, beef exports totaled 524.2 thousand tons of product weight , equivalent to 737.6 thousand tons of beef with bone, presenting a year-on-year fall of 11.2% measured in tons of beef with bone.

In the same period, export turnover reached 2,529.7 million dollars, just 0.3% above that achieved in the first eleven months of last year. The lower volume exported was fully offset by the rise in the average declared price.

China continued to lead the greater demand for Argentine meat, with a total imported of 387.7 thousand tons of product weight, representing 74.0% of the total exported and generating foreign exchange earnings of 1,499.6 million dollars. Between January and November, sales to Israel totaled 28,092 tons by product weight, a 13.7% increase.

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