Germany: 98 percent of imported goose meat in 2021 came from Poland and Hungary

The goose season in Germany traditionally begins with St. Martin’s Day on November 11th. The meat for the roast goose comes mainly from Eastern Europe.

Posted on Nov 18 ,05:11

Germany: 98 percent of imported goose meat in 2021 came from Poland and Hungary

As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), a total of around 18,200 tonnes of goose meat were imported to Germany in 2021. 97.5% of them came from Poland and Hungary. Compared to the previous year, imports of goose meat decreased by 2.4%. In 2020, almost 18,700 tons were imported. 

A smaller part of the goose meat supply comes from commercial slaughter in Germany. In 2021, almost 2,600 tons of goose meat were produced in Germany. The focus is on the 4th quarter: almost three quarters (73.6%) of the goose meat in 2021 was produced in the months of October, November and December. December alone accounted for 38.0% of annual production. 

In terms of the total amount of poultry meat produced in Germany, goose meat tends to be the exception: only 0.2% of the approximately 1.6 million tonnes of poultry meat from commercial slaughter in 2021 came from geese. The largest proportions were young broilers (68.1%) and turkeys (27.8%), followed by soup chickens (2.6%) and ducks (1.4%).

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