Poland reports ASF outbreak in a large herd

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More than 1300 pigs were culled in a farm in the province Mazowieckie. Farmers are asked to respect the biosecurity requirements.

Posted on Jul 24 ,11:36

Poland reports ASF outbreak in a large herd

An African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak was confirmed in the village of Gumowo, province Mazowieckie, Poland. The disease affected a herd of 1320 pigs, according to Farmer magazine. The pigs were culled and materials from the farm that may have been contaminated will be transferred to Category I rendering plants, in a transport secured by the police.
The area is recognized as "red-zone" due to large numbers of ASF cases in the wild boar population. So far, 1383 cases of ASF in wild boar were reported in the area.
"I ask farmers to comply with the principles of biosecurity. If the disease is suspected, you should refrain from moving animals, manure, slurry, fodder, animal by-products from the farm, which may have been contaminated with the virus. It's about leaving everything in place, and in the first place informing about the suspected disease", explained Mariusz Dobosz, a veterinary surgeon in the region. Farmers who don't comply with the biosecurity requirements may lose the right to receive compensations for their loss, according to the Polish law.

This week, the European Commission has asked the EU member states to cooperate in the matter of biosecurity in order to prevent the disease from further spreading on the continent. Belgium, Hungary and the Czech Republic were given as an example of containing the virus from reaching domestic pigs in the farms. So far, the Czech Republic is the only country that was declared ASF-free after one year with no outbreaks reported in the wild boar population.

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