RAPS launches vegan chicken alternative

The Plantfix Chicken Style dry mix contains everything needed for a delicious meat alternative: textured pea protein provides the right consistency and anticipated light beige colour, while the specially developed chicken seasoning ensures authentic taste. Together with oil and ice water, it becomes a mass that can be shaped as desired.

Posted on Jun 08 ,00:05

RAPS launches vegan chicken alternative

The RAPS Plantfix range perfectly addresses growing demand for plant-based alternative products thanks to its ease of handling and processing. In principle, no equipment is required for mixing with oil and ice water; depending on the quantity, a mixer or cutter can be used. The mixture is then shaped into the desired form and cooled. The complete mixes are designed to form a meat-like texture during preparation and convince with a delicious chicken taste. What’s more, they do not contain any declarable allergens or flavour-enhancing additives.

Plantfix Chicken is suitable as a basis for numerous products and variations. In addition to vegetable barbecue skewers, it is also easy to make a vegan equivalent to chicken nuggets. As a dry product, the Fix mixture does not need to be refrigerated, and the finished products have optimal freeze-thaw stability. This also makes for numerous creative applications for the food service sector.

In addition to the chicken variant, RAPS offers two other Plantfix options for alternative grilled delights. While the vegan burger patty is characterised by a spicy-smoky flavour with onions and pepper, the Plantfix Cevapcici promises fresh herbal notes with marjoram and thyme. All Plantfix mixes are available in handy bags and equate to about 2.5kg of the meat alternative.

Melanie Flachsenberger, Product Manager at RAPS, comments: "The right counter selection enables customers to do all their shopping for a barbecue in one go - even if there are guests with different dietary preferences. For summer barbecue skewers, chicken is a must-have, and the same goes for the vegan chicken alternative that can be made with minimal effort using our premixes".

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