Satisfying consumers’ demands: IAWS

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The seal is granted after an audit is made on all phases of production: from gestation, weaning, breeding, and fattening, to the slaughterhouse and the meat industry.

Posted on Oct 26 ,06:08

Satisfying consumers’ demands: IAWS

Progressively, the consumers’ concerns for the animal welfare of the products they consume are growing, demanding products with higher sustainability, animal welfare and food safety. To achieve these goals, Spanish farmers continue working much beyond what is required, being aware that the best quality of life provided to animals means a higher quality of products for consumers.
In this sense, no certification is as complete as the Animal Welfare and Biosecurity Technical Regulation INTERPORC ANIMAL WELFARE SPAIN (IAWS) and its corresponding 'Welfare Commitment Certified'certification seal, which has been created in collaboration with sector companies, certification bodies, administration, scientists and experts in animal welfare, endorsed by a high-level independent Scientific Committee and whose transparency has been tested and validated by animal rights organizations.
'Welfare Commitment Certified' guarantees to consumers a complete Farm to Fork traceability and is certified by independent certification bodies in all production phases -from gestation, weaning, breeding and fattening, to the slaughterhouse and the meat industry-, so that only after auditing all the phases is it possible to grant the seal.
In terms of food safety, it is mandatory as a prerequisite for slaughterhouses and food industries that wish to achieve the certificate to obtain one of the most recognized international certifications in food safety (IFS, BRC or FSSC22000). Through these standards, the IAWS seal guarantees that the pork meat industry carries out all the necessary precautions to sell a safe product.
Furthermore, by being aligned with the main conclusions of the animal welfare labeling sub-group of the EU Animal Welfare Platform, which assists the Commission by collecting experiences and opinions regarding information to consumers on animal welfare, guarantees to consumers its compliance with the future demands that are coming from Europe.
Thanks to the sector’s animal welfare seal, Spanish pork farms, transport vehicles, slaughterhouses and industries have included animal welfare as an essential element of their work model, being aware not only of the benefit it represents throughout the value chain that an animal is healthy, but also that they must respond and anticipate consumer demands.
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