Seminar demonstrates new applications for alternative US beef cuts in Taiwan


The U.S. is Taiwan’s dominant supplier of chilled beef; USMEF continues promoting alternative cuts to importers and their end-user customers in retail, foodservice.

Posted on Apr 23 ,00:15

Seminar demonstrates new applications for alternative US beef cuts in Taiwan

USMEF is working to defend U.S. beef’s share of Taiwan’s market, currently affected by tight supplies, inflationary pressures and increased competition. Fifty-nine Taiwanese beef importers recently attended a USMEF seminar to discuss supply issues, beef quality attributes and alternative cut options for U.S. beef. Three member suppliers also participated.

Per capita annual beef consumption continues rising in Taiwan, reaching a record 9.1 kg. (carcass weight equivalent) in 2023, up 2% from the previous record in 2022. Consumption is up 17% from 2018 and 55% from 2013, per USMEF estimates based on data from USDA and Trade Data Monitor.

The U.S. remains the dominant supplier in Taiwan’s chilled beef import market with 75% market share in 2023. The U.S. supplies over 90% of grain-fed beef, according to import data from Taiwan.

"U.S. beef is widely considered the premium beef in Taiwan", says USMEF Taiwan Director Davis Wu. "But our importers are looking for help in encouraging their buyers to continue their purchasing plans with U.S. beef and showing their customers how to strengthen their profitability".

USMEF has been aggressively promoting a range of alternative U.S. beef cuts in Taiwan since 2014. In 2024, the focus is on the outside round flat, a reasonably priced alternative to chuck eye roll.

Following presentations about U.S. beef production, sustainability and the quality attributes that yield superior flavor and tenderness, USMEF led a discussion about the quality and versatility of alternative cuts. Importers also learned they could recommend USDA Prime or Choice grades of cuts such as the outside round flat and the inside round beef roll as affordable options to their end-user customers.

USMEF  also collaborated with chefs from the Regent Hotel to prepare a variety of popular Taiwanese dishes featuring the two alternative cuts.  "Attendees were surprised by the tenderness and premium flavor of these affordable alternative cuts", said Wu.

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