Video: "China is a growing market, that's the important message!"

Andre Vielstadte, Head of Corporate Communication at Tonnies explains the reasons behind the recent move made by the German producer in the Chinese market.

Posted on Oct 15 ,12:34

The joint venture signed at the beginning of the month between Tonnies and its Chinese partner, Dekon Group, shows a growing interest of the German Holding to set a strong foothold in a market that is expected to recover fast in the coming years. The investment worth €500 million in a slaughter and butchering centre in the Sichuan region is expected to start in 2020 and it could give Tonnies an important advantage in Asia. The unit will have an initial capacity of 2 million pigs, which will be expanded to six million pigs in a second phase but it could go up to eight million head, according to sources inside the company.
"The Chinese market is a growing market, that's the important message. The Chinese people want to eat meat at the same quality that we have in Europe and we can bring our know-how to the Chinese market", stated Mr. Andre Vielstadte, Head of Corporate Communication at Tonnies.
At the same time, the German meat industry is showing strong signs of consolidation, with two of the Tonnies' competitors, Kemper and Reinert, joining forces to achieve a larget market share. Watch the exclusive video interview with Andre Vielstadte to find out what the largest German producer of red meat feels about that move, topics like the future of the meat industry and how the European meat market is expected to perform in the next couple of years.


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