Wagyu beef is making its way into Europe

Japanese exporters are working to educate the consumer about the quality of one of the most expensive meats in the world.

Posted on Oct 24 ,11:01

Zero tariffs on Japanese Wagyu beef in the EU market may increase exports in the coming years, stated Hideki Onishi, Overseas Division Manager, Ginkakuji Onishi Ltd, in an interview for EuroMeat News.
"I think that the Free Trade Agreement with the EU is going to play a big role in our industry. Before we had an FTA between European Union and Japan, the taxes were about 30% but now Wagyu can be exported with zero taxes and that can accelerate the sales so more customers can enjoy Wagyu beef at an affordable price," Mr. Onishi said.
His company gained for two years in a row an important title in Wagyu beef competitions in Japan and it has open 14 foreign markets so far. Nevertheless, the recent FTAs signed by Japan with the EU and the US may soon increase exports of Wagyu beef in these markets as consumers are looking more and more for quality in the meat they are purchasing.


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