Unaitalia: Interventions needed to stabilize the market and stop speculation


Antonio Forlini, president of Unaitalia, an association representing companies in the Italian poultry sector, intervenes in the debate on the heavy situation linked to the high energy burden on companies and families.

Posted on Sep 16 ,04:45

Unaitalia: Interventions needed to stabilize the market and stop speculation

"In the last twelve months, our companies have seen the costs of energy and raw materials for animal feed increase dramatically, sometimes tenfold. A trend that does not seem to stop, on the contrary it has experienced a surge in recent weeks. This climate of market instability and volatility is alarming. It is urgent to adopt market stabilization mechanisms and avoid speculations that create conditions of uncertainty that are now unsustainable for companies that have to plan and continue to produce, as well as for more than 6700 breeders of the Italian poultry sector, who are facing increases in energy costs that they put their survival at risk."

"What worries our companies - continues Forlini - are not only the cost increases, but also the real risk that entire production chains may be forced to stop under the weight of price increases and uncertainties in supplies, with a domino effect on the others. If this were to happen in the agri-food sector it would mean putting the food supply at risk. It is necessary to protect the right of access to food, especially in this phase of high inflation which could accentuate the contraction in consumption this autumn. Immediate and decisive action is needed to curb the inflationary push, also in support of consumption. We join in this direction in the appeal launched by other associations of the meat supply chain, in asking that the government resolutely tackle this emergency to stem the risks of holding the agri-food system and the serious consequences on an economic and social level. For this reason - concludes Forlini - we immediately make ourselves available to the institutions, to find together the most suitable measures to support the supply chains in this delicate moment."

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