Atria sells one of its poultry units in Sweden

The decision is part of the efficiency improvement programme launched in 2020.

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Worst bird flu outbreaks reported in years in the US and France

Both countries have lost important flock inventories of egg-laying hens which made egg prices jum...

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Strong poultry market conditions predicted by Rabobank

Despite the war in Ukraine, poultry demand is going to gain support in the global market.

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US Easter egg supplies at risk

Pandemic, Higher Costs and Avian Flu are factors that contribute to the turbulence reported in th...

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Thai poultry products reached Saudi Arabia

The first shipment of poultry arrived this week in the Middle East kingdom after an 18-year ban.

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Poultry exports from Brazil increased 5.7% in March

The South American country is expected to cover gaps in supply left by Ukraine.

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SA should drop tariffs on chicken imports

The warning comes from the South African Association of Meat Importers and Exporters, as meat pri...

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The Irish poultry market is facing a major crisis

"There is a strong possibility that shelves will be empty in the supermarkets as farmers won’t co...

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Spanish poultry prices up 12%, breeders not content with it

The association that defends farmers is accusing large integrated companies to increase their mar...

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MHP resume poultry exports

The company announced its plan to continue production and it's using trucks to send products outs...

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