Japan is one step closer to re-open the Chinese beef market

Demand for beef is growing due to animal protein shortage and a rising middle class.

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Meat production goes down, trade volume increases

FAO expects world meat trade to show the largest variation in volume observed in the current decade.

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France exports 30% of its pork production

Slaughter figures are growing but the supply of weaned and feeder piglets looks scarce.

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Pork prices in the Netherlands set a new record

Pig meat reaches the level of €2.00, the highest in decades.

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Finns are keeping meat in their diet

70% of the inhabitants are eating meat more than once a week, despite growing calls to switch on ...

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US pork producers dream of duty-free access in China

NPPC presented an estimate on the benefits that zero-tariff access to China for US pork will have...

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Hong Kong pork retail price jumps to $20

The city looks to fill the gap in pork supply with imports from Thailand and Malaysia.

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Vietnam is facing 200,000 tonnes shortage of pork

The hike in prices may be followed by a decrease in consumption, according to analysts.

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Brazil expects 10% soar in beef exports

Until October, beef exports have increased by 11% in volume and 8% in value.

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China lifts restrictions on US poultry imports

A ban was set 4 years ago after avian influenza outbreaks occurred in some parts of the United St...

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