UK reports a sharp decline in sheepmeat imports

Import volumes have been under pressure so far this year as Australia and New Zealand have been s...

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Brazil expects a year 2020 high in production and exports

This year, the increase in poultry and pork exports to China was 28% for chicken meat and 51% in ...

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China has become Australia’s largest beef and sheepmeat export market

The volume of meat imported in the last couple of years by the Asian country is considered to be ...

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Joint effort to help the Danes to eat more climate-friendly

New analysis from the Food Culture shows that many Danes want to eat more climate-friendly, but h...

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US beef regains 50% market share in Korea

Beef imports have increased after the signing of an FTA between the two parts.

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China hopes to achieve balance in pork supply and demand

The peak season of meat consumption in China is here and officials are trying to keep the market ...

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EU agricultural market to be reshaped by the ASF crisis

Fluctuating pork prices and higher cultivation of plants used in plant-based protein products are...

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China's meat imports surged by more than 1 million tonnes

The number of plants approved to export to China is also higher than in 2018.

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Schnitzel alert in Germany

Significant price hikes for bacon, sausages and even Schnitzel are expected due to increased dema...

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Russia gains access to the Vietnamese pork market

Some of the major producers have prepared their range of products to respond to the Asian consume...

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